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This organically created natural fertiliser is produced by the alpacas that live on Jenny Knoll Farm near Clun in the south Shropshire hills.  The alpacas have a wonderful life grazing on lush pasture and nibbling on bushes and hedgerows, next door to their friends – the farm’s angora goats.  The alpacas are purely a fibre producing animal, along with the goats.  They never have to worry about ending up on someone’s plate.


Alpaca fertiliser is well known for its plant growth enhancing properties.  It slowly releases nitrogen, phosphoros and potassium into your soil. It is sweet smelling, lightweight yet powerful. Use just a small handful on your indoor or outdoor potted plants or administer direct to soil prior to planting.  Its low organic content allows it to be spread directly onto plants without fear of scorch.

One bag should give at least 22 feeds.

Alpaca Magic Beans

  • This is a plant feriliser for indoor and outdoor plants.  Comes in 450g bag and should give at least 22 feeds. Bag has tin tie top for easy resealing, and can be recycled.

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