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These truly are 'beautiful bootees'.  Absolutely gorgeuos tiny bootees for your precious baby or granchild. Suitable for a newborn child to keep their tiny toes warm.  They are hand made from my super soft luxury mohair and alpaca yarn.  They each have either button, ribbon and sequins in either pink or blue. Some are very small for a small new born, and some are a little bigger for 0-4 months.

There is also the choice of the bootee sock in yellow or raspberry.  These are easier to put on, and cosy round the ankle too.  They come a little larger than the cream, suiting upto 6 months.

Sizes are average as each baby is unique.

Beautiful Bootees

  • Made from 85% Mohair and 15% Alpaca fibre

    Hand wash gently, and air dry

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