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Fingerless gloves that leave your fingers free to use your phone, but still keep you super warm on chilly days.  Can also be worn in conjuction with regular gloves for and extra warm layer - great for those who have stiff or cold hands.  They are extra long to warm your wrists too, tucking inside your coat sleeves.

Each pair is made to order so you can choose your favourite DK yarn.  If you can't find the one you like on this page, browse through the other DK pages and email/message me the colour you prefer.


Fingerless Gloves

  • Jenny Knoll Yarns produce knitting and crochet yarns from my own herds of alpacas and angora goats - that's where the mohair comes from.  The Jacob lambswool comes from a neighbouring farm.  My farm is in the South Shropshire hills and my animals graze peacefully upon the beautiful fields set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  They are very lucky animals that are looked after and cared for, never used for meat and have a lovely view to gaze upon each day.

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